...and finally, after a long time since the project beginning and, most important, after a lot of fixing, modifies, re-thinking, it is the first public release of the package.

You can download the executable if you wish just to have a look or use the program as is.
If you wish instead to see how it is done, modify it, fix or add anything (you must have Visual Basic 6), feel free to download the package with all the source codes and tables.

Just one prayer: since to write the program took so long to me, especially the boring job to create the variuos tables used by the program, please do not cancel me! - Leave somewhere a note about the poor boy (, maybe once) who distroyed his eyes on the monitor.

I woud appreciate any comment and, best, any suggestion on how to improve it.
I know that the documentation about the general proggram architecture and modules is still very poor; it will take quite some time to complete the help guide, but I will do...promised.

Download Links - Version 2.01


To use these programs on PCs without Visual Basic 6 installed, it is necessary to download and install the Visual Basic 6 SP6 Run-Time available here or, with some Google search, on Microsoft sites.
In alternative, or in addition to this, it could be required to have in the System32 folder the following OCXs:

  • MSCONCT2.ocx/LI>
  • MSCOMDLG32.ocx/LI>

These OCXs are available here for downloading (without any warranty) at this link:

To activate these OCXs they must be copied inside the System32 folder and then registered from the DOS command prompt with:
regsvr32 c:\windows\system[32]\ocxname.ocx

6502 IDE